One of the common threads pulling through every professional photographer is their desire to uniquely capture moments in time.

Omnicharge Omni Mobile 25600

From beginners to bonafide pros, the world of photography is made up of a wide range of people. One of the common threads pulling through every professional photographer is their desire to uniquely capture moments in time.

In this month’s Photographer Spotlight series, we turn our focus to Jimmy Kastner. With a decade of experience under his belt, Kastner’s images focus on everyday life stemming from his world view in Somerville, New Jersey.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

AF: What drove your passion to become a photographer?

JK: When it comes to photography, I am driven by a desire to capture and preserve moments in time. Whether it’s shooting a landscape, an event, or even a family gathering, I do my best to freeze those moments so they can be remembered forever.

AF: Can you tell me about your journey to where you are today in the photography world?

JK: My journey in photography started while working at a photo lab and going to college in New York City. At the time, I was a not so good comic book artist, putting together an original story. I decided I wanted to incorporate actual photos of the city into my work, so I set out to capture city scenes between classes. Before I knew it, I became much more passionate about photography than comic book work, but I still draw influence from comic book-like scenes in my work. Years later, I studied photography as a minor while finishing college at Monmouth University, and after I graduated, I started a 365 project on my 10,000th day alive, that has gone on for over 2,000 consecutive days. This project has kept me disciplined in shooting daily and in looking for new ways to learn and improve.

AF: What type of photography equipment do you use on a regular basis?

JK: Right now, my go to camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV. I also have an older 5D Mark III that keep as a second shooter for alternate lenses. I primarily shoot with my 24-70 L lens and have been using the amazing Sigma 14mm f/1.8 lens for astrophotography work.

AF: Do any of your pieces of photography equipment require reliable access to power? If so, which ones?

JK: Yes, both of my cameras definitely need reliable batteries. In a heavy day of shooting, I can expect to replace my batteries at least twice on my primary camera. Additionally, I use my cell phone a lot as a remote for my DSLR. And when I’m sitting around waiting for timelapses, my phone keeps me entertained. It’s very important to keep this gear powered as long as possible.

AF: How did you come to learn about Omnicharge’s products?

JK: I initially saw Omnicharge listed on Indiegogo before it was released. Looking into power banks, I decided to back it as the specs went above and beyond what I needed. Especially with the AC outlet option.

AF: How often do you use Omnicharge’s products?

JK: I use Omnicharge daily. It primarily keeps my phone juiced up, which keeps me connected. When out taking pictures or hiking, it is great for not just phones, but charging my flashlight and my camera’s batteries on with the AC outlet. When I am shooting timelapses, I have an AC adaptor for my camera and use that with the Omnicharge so my camera can run far longer than with a standard Canon battery.

AF: Since using Omnicharge, how have your photoshoots changed?

JK: It has been great for my photos. Recharging batteries, using the AC adaptor with the power bank, and even keeping my flashlight charged has helped me go the extra mile. In the past, most of these devices would be dead in the field and I would have to pack it up early. But lately, I am able to go out without worrying about limiting phone usage, fumbling in the dark, or staying tethered to an outlet so I could recharge. Not only that, but using the Omnicharge is a great tool for enhancing creativity. I can use it as sort of an outdoor outlet to power lamps and Christmas Lights in unconventional locations, where access to power would be impossible.

AF: What would you say to other photographers about Omnicharge that are looking for a reliable power source in the field?

JK: I would say it’s a huge life saver and versatile solution in keeping electronics going for a lot longer. Without it, I would be limited by battery life in what I would be able to create. This device fits easily in a daypack or glove compartment and provides reliable power anywhere, whether it’s hiking up a mountain or even just a flight across the country. For a profession that demands electricity to do a job, the Omnicharge is the best choice in providing power on the go.

By Omni Team


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