Whether you're working remotely as a digital nomad or need a reliable alternative to help keep you safe, an emergency power backup can be a wise investment for all. Here's how battery backups can empower your life.


Whether you're working remotely as a digital nomad or need a reliable alternative to help keep you safe, an emergency power backup can be a wise investment for all. Here's how battery backups can empower your life.

Americans run on power. Between the 48% of people who feel a sense of panic when their cell phone battery gets low and the 84% who worry about power outages, it's clear that we need to keep our batteries charged if we want to feel secure.

We have good reason to keep our power systems fully charged, as remote work, enjoyable getaways, and even medical necessities may demand that we have a reliable power alternative on hand. That's where an emergency power backup comes in handy. With battery backup power, you won't be stranded with no access to your devices.

What Is an Emergency Power Backup System?

When your battery dies or your power goes out, you need a simple way to charge your most important devices — and an emergency power backup system does just that.

A simple, clean, reliable way to deliver electrical power, emergency power backups offer the stability you need to stay continuously charged. They have a wide variety of types and strengths, so an emergency battery backup can supply many devices with the continuous power they need long after their battery life expires. They're designed both for stationary and portable applications as well, so emergency power backup solutions are great for those staying at home or on the go.

4 Reasons a Backup Power Option Is a Must for Every Household

From safety and portability to dependability and cleanliness, there are many reasons to invest in an emergency backup battery. They can be found in military, transportation, and emergency response industries, but more and more regular residents are also finding backup emergency power systems to be a must. These are the four biggest reasons we've seen so far.

1. Emergency Preparedness

Failure to plan is planning to fail. From blackouts to natural disasters to getting stranded far away from an outlet, emergencies that cause us to need a backup power supply are bound to occur. This alone may be the most important reason for buying an emergency power backup system.

Having an emergency power supply on hand can help prevent a crisis at home or on the road. Natural disasters occur much more frequently than they did in the past, and these can knock out power systems for extended periods of time. Those trekking through rough terrain may also find themselves in precarious positions where a battery system could help, so an emergency power backup could be a lifesaver no matter where you are.

2. No Exhaust Fumes

Another backup emergency power solution would be to install a generator, but that's not always a feasible option. Aside from being substantially more expensive than a backup battery system, generators must burn some form of fossil fuel to operate — typically liquid propane or natural gas. They create exhaust fumes that can be harmful to your health if inhaled, which is why generators must be run outdoors.

Emergency power backup systems are cleaner than fossil fuel-powered generators are because they don't emit any exhaust fumes. Overall, they're better for the environment and your health, and they also don't have to be stored outside.

3. Reliable Backup Generator

Whether you work on the go or live in an area with a frequent power outage rate, some people have an especially high need for reliable power. For example, someone who depends on medical equipment to survive may find that a simple blackout can quickly escalate into a healthcare crisis. For them, maintaining their normal power supply is a necessity.

But reliability isn't just for those with medical needs. Those living in remote areas may not be connected to a reliable grid even in the U.S., and having a backup power solution can help them keep their power consumption constant, even when the lights go out.

4. Portable Power on the Go To Stay Connected

Emergency power backup systems don't just give you more reliability — they're also ideal for users who are always on the go. You can't take a generator with you, but these systems are designed with portability in mind. Lightweight, rugged, compact, and shaped to easily fit into backpacks or carrying cases, our emergency power systems are meant to travel. That makes them a favorite for those who are always on the move, like:

  • Business travelers: From salespeople to execs, many people in business are often on the go — and they're not always near a power outlet. Emergency battery power solutions allow business professionals to continue doing their work by letting them charge their cell phones, laptops, or other devices so they can focus on closing the deal.
  • Site workers: From engineers and construction workers to photographers and videographers, some people have jobs that must be done in the field. When they have backup battery power, on-site workers can continue to use their devices, even when there's no place to plug in.
  • Digital nomads: The rise of remote work has made it possible for some employees to get the job done from anywhere — as long as they can stay charged. The lifestyle of a digital nomad has become an attractive benefit to many modern day workers, and emergency power backups make their working adventures possible.

Some may spend so much time outdoors that they worry that even their backup power system will eventually die as well. Omnicharge has a solution for them too, as the backup power function on our portable batteries can be paired with solar systems to charge them up once they run down. That way, outdoorsmen like videographers and photographers can do their work as long as they need, while the sun gives them extra battery life.

Invest in the Right Solution for You

Emergency preparedness, environmental friendliness, greater reliability, and easy portability are a few of the benefits that an emergency power backup system has to offer, but many others exist as well. Our backup battery solutions can also be found in commercial sectors like educational, healthcare, and military applications. Essentially, anywhere you need power but can't get it from the grid, Omnicharge can help.

We offer a wide selection of emergency backup power solutions, so you're sure to find one that works best for you. Check them out today and stay charged up wherever you go.

By Omni Team


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