Omnicharge Power Station and App

It’s tough to go anywhere today without some kind of device nearby. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it seems like nearly everyone needs their connection fix.

There’s one similar thread that runs through most of everyone’s daily routines that I think we can all agree on. Whether we’re at work, shopping with friends or eating out with family, finding access to a power outlet when it’s needed can be difficult.

The power options that are available can be limiting.

You can find the nearest coffee shop and hope they have an available outlet. You can dig through your glovebox to try to find your car charger. You can even purchase an inexpensive handheld charger.

What often happens is that there is no outlet available at that coffee shop and it’s likely that you’ve forgotten your charging mechanism at home (which may also be tough to find). Out of all the items that people carry on a day-to-day basis, adding on one more item to charge up devices can often be the last thing on someone’s mind.

In today’s digital nomadic lifestyle, businesses across all industries should be looking to provide solutions to the power issue. While retrofitting electrical power and adding in new outlets can run anywhere from ~$750 – $1,000 per fixed outlet (floor coring typically being an additional cost), not every business has the money or bandwidth to do this.

This is why the Omnicharge Power Station is the perfect solution for any industry from corporate environments to hospitality, education and more. In addition to being portable, the accessible chargers are literally helping to power up the sharing economy for today’s on-the-go lifestyles.

Check out the Omnicharge Power Station in this video and read on below for the added business perks across all industries. 

Here are just a few benefits of that the Power Station provides:

AC Outlet, Compact Design & Easy to Use: Customers are drawn to the Power Stations because the individual power banks have built-in AC outlets with a compact design.

Outlet Extender: Turn 1 outlet into 10 portable outlets (each capable of simultaneously charging up to 4 devices per power bank (one AC outlet with 100W, two USB Qualcomm Quickcharge ports, and one DC port).

Preserve The Design Flexibility of Spaces: 

With Omnicharge, you have complete freedom to situate a space anyway you would like without being limited by the location of power outlets.

Self-Service & Theft Preventative: Built with smart technology, the Power Station has a self-service option that allows users to digitally rent a power bank via the Omnicharge mobile app providing a hands-off solution for IT staff.

To ensure theft prevention, the mobile app *can require a user to add a form of payment as collateral for renting a power bank. The service is free to use and charges only apply if the rented power bank is not returned after the rental period.

*Payment collateral is an optional feature of the mobile app

Charging Capacity and Power: With 20,400 mAh capacity, these power banks will recharge phones up to 8 times, tablets up to 6 and a full charge on a laptop before needing to be recharged.

As an added bonus, customers are more likely to dwell in your place of business if they have an untethered and reliable access to power. Since it’s rare that people have more than one device at a time, the capability for the chargers from the Power Station to charge more than one at a time is an added bonus.

The future of power is here and that includes accessible power for any device, anytime, anywhere.

For more details on the Omnicharge Power Station, click here.

By Omni Team


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