How much attention do you place on your work environment? Would it feel the same if you worked in a cubicle, in an open space layout, in a coffee shop, or from your living room sofa?

Scientists claim physical work settings greatly impact our mood, comfort, and productivity. What’s more, the indoor environments we work in influence our health and well-being across the lifespan.

Combining Science and Technology to Improve Work Environments

There have been many studies on the effects of various aspects of indoor spaces on our health. But Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Delos, a New York City-based design & tech firm, went a step further.

They set up a Well Living Lab – an immersive, high-tech, and fully configurable facility where research is focused on all the workspace aspects, including temperature, humidity, lighting, sounds, and air quality (volatile organic compounds, CO2, ozone, and particulate matter).

The 5,500-square-feet lab has dozens of environmental sensors capturing subtle changes in the workspace. Study participants wear biometric wearables that monitor emotional status, behavior, and physiology.

The researchers monitor in real time how changes in humidity, ventilation, background noise, temperature, lighting, surface materials, and microbiome impact employee performance and overall well-being.

They will also look at how variables interact, which of them influence individual and group performance, and the cumulative effects of changing them.

While the Well Living Lab research is underway, and we’re still waiting for the study results, you can follow specific scientific recommendations to optimize any workspace.

The Ideal Workspace, Based on the Current Science

So, what is a high-quality workplace, according to science? To support people’s well-being, you should focus on air quality, comfortable light, good ventilation, and temperatures. And here are the details.

☑ Temperature. Keep it at 71.6° F (22° C) to foster the highest productivity.

☑ Lighting. A recent Cornell study found that workers exposed to natural light experienced an 84 percent reduction in issues such as headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision.

To increase alertness, scientists recommend using cool office lighting in offices. Warm lighting, on the other hand, is suitable for common spaces and dining areas because it makes people feel relaxed.

☑ Acoustics. Noise levels should be controlled, as noise distractions people’s ability to concentrate.

☑ Adding flowers or greenery can boost performance by 15% and decrease CO2 – leading to better employee health.

☑ Incorporating movements (standing desks, staircases, etc.) and physical activity (gyms, yoga classes) have a positive effect on health.

☑ Offering access to outdoor spaces improves creative thinking.

☑ The ability to personalize a workspace is vital. Employees who are satisfied with their work environments are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to stay, and 30% more attracted to their company than competitors.

Thus, a thoughtfully designed workspace should have spaces with different environments that employees can use depending on their needs.

Omnicharge: Contributing to more Productive Workspaces

Omnicharge empowers modern workspaces looking to create healthier workspaces by bringing greater flexibility and personalization.

For example, employees can find their perfect spot – a room with a higher temperature, a sunlit terrace, or a quieter and cooler patio – and work from there. At the same time, they don’t have to worry about access to outlets, as Omnicharge allows staying fully charged no matter where they work.

Because our charging stations can be placed in any corner of an office or recreational area, employees can also charge their devices while working out or having a conversation in a phone booth.

By incorporating our portable power solutions into your workspaces, you can easily give access to the spaces where your employees can enjoy a more productive work environment.

By Omni Team


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