Looking for a portable battery charger for your electronics while on the go? Learn why a high-capacity power bank is your best choice.

Most Americans rely on the internet for work, entertainment, and socializing. A recent study found that 31% of us are online “almost constantly.” That’s why keeping your devices charged is essential, even on the go.

A high-capacity power bank can save the day when your phone or computer starts to run out of power. Even if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop.

But how does a high-capacity power bank charger work, and why is it so important? This article will explain everything you need to know about using a high-capacity portable power bank.

We’ll also explain how to select the right power bank for you and what sets Omnicharge apart from other options.

5 Reasons You Need a high-capacity power bank

There are countless reasons why you need a high-capacity power bank. Maybe you’re a digital nomad who telecommutes in from the forest. Or perhaps you don’t always remember to charge your devices before you dash out of the house in the morning.

Whatever your lifestyle, a high-capacity power bank can make your day smoother. Here are five of the best reasons to use a power bank.

1. Longer- Lasting Power When You Are Without Electricity

You rely on a steady stream of electricity to power your phone, laptop, and tablet. But what happens when you’re far from a wall outlet and your battery starts to run down?

This is a common concern for air travelers and remote workers who need to stay connected. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

The best high-capacity power bank charges up your mobile devices even when you don’t have access to a source of electricity. High-quality power banks, like Omnicharge’s range of products, can fully charge your devices, giving you long-lasting battery life. You can also charge your laptop multiple times with the same power bank.

Omnicharge’s Omni Mobile 25600 holds enough energy to charge a laptop twice fully or to charge up a smartphone six times.

2. Faster Charging Battery Pack With High Power Delivery

Nobody wants to wait around for their devices to charge up. A long wait time can slow you down or even cause you to miss out on critical notifications.

A high-capacity power bank delivers the fastest charging speeds to get the power you need when you need it. You’ll be able to charge multiple devices fully, so you never miss a call or text.

But what about the power bank itself? How long does it take to charge up your battery pack?

Omnicharge’s power banks can be fully charged in just three hours by plugging in USB-c cables. In some cases, you can even use solar power to charge them, which saves you on the cost of conventional electrical power. Using a solar power bank is also better for the environment.

So, go ahead and step off the grid – you’ll still be able to stay powered up and connected.

3. Conveniently Plugs in With Standard Wall Charger

If you’ve never used a portable battery bank before, you probably have questions about how they operate.

How do you charge them? Where can you do that? Will you need to buy more equipment to have access to power?

The good news is that the process is straightforward.

Most portable battery banks are small enough to slip into a purse or a laptop bag. And Omnicharge’s battery banks can plug into a standard wall charger, which makes recharging them a breeze.

Just plug your backup power source into any outlet, and within three hours, your battery bank will be fully charged, ready to provide all the power output you need for your next adventure.

4. Charges Multiple Electronic Devices More Efficiently

Most people use multiple electronic devices every day.

You’ve probably got a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet too. You may also need a digital camera if you’re a b creative or an adventurer.

How do you keep your devices fully charged when you’re far from a wall outlet?
Omnicharge’s battery banks can charge multiple devices at the same time. Multiple USB ports make it easy to power your phone, camera, and laptop.

And you can even charge your devices while charging up your battery bank. Pass-through capabilities mean you can power up your battery and simultaneously power your devices from the same outlet.

5. Go Anywhere With a Portable Power Bank

The days of being tethered to a desk are long gone.

More than 50% of Americans can now work remotely at least one day a week – and more than a third of Americans can work remotely full time.

More and more people are choosing to leave the office behind and work either from home, the local coffee shop, or even the road.

But to make that lifestyle work, you need a way to stay connected on all your devices. Or, to put it another way – if you’re going to live a mobile lifestyle, you need to have a portable power source.

A portable battery bank can deliver the mobile power you need to go anywhere in the world. Omnicharge's wireless chargers and power banks can even charge up your devices without any cables or wires, making your life hassle-free.

Charge up your devices at high speed. Keep your phone, laptop, and other devices running smoothly. Recharge even when you’re miles from the nearest wall outlet.

That’s the level of freedom you’ll find with a portable battery bank.

Where Can You Find a high-capacity power bank?

Does a high-capacity power bank sound like a futuristic, expensive gadget?

It’s not. It's within reach of almost every consumer.

Omnicharge’s high-capacity power banks and portable charger features are affordable on just about any budget. There’s a different model to fit every situation and need. Ready to discover your new source of portable power? Visit Omnicharge today and learn how to take your devices to the next level.


By Omni Team


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