Omnicharge Omni 20+ charging laptop

There’s one thing nearly all laptops have in common: they seem to always run out of battery power at the worst possible moment. If you depend on your laptop and would like to remain productive even when far away from AC outlets, you need one of the 5 portable AC outlet battery packs presented in this article. ...

Omnicharge Omni 20

Despite its modest size and weight, the Omni 20 from Omnicharge boasts an impressive 20,400 mAh battery capacity as well as a single standard AC outlet, a USB port compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 technology, a direct DC output port, and 11 layers of charging protection.

The Omni 20 is controlled by STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU, which cyclically monitors the charging process every 10 milliseconds and instantly responds to any deviances. Located on the front side of the Omni 20 is a small OLED display that shows several useful metrics, including output/input status, remaining battery capacity, battery power input, battery temperature, remaining charge and discharge time, and others.

The Omni 20 was designed to meet the needs of people who live a digital lifestyle and depend on electronic gadgets on a daily basis. It’s small enough to be carried everywhere yet so capable that it can reliably supply power to everything from laptops to smartphones to cameras to drones.

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By Omni Team


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