Flexible power for the
mobile workforce.

Smarter power solutions for the
modern enterprises.


Powering flexible spaces to work without restrictions.

Omnicharge gives you peace of mind when you are focused on your work,
knowing you won’t run out of power.

Avoid downtime

Omni Power Stations can be deployed in a moments notice, providing power for your employees and customers or remotely at events or conferences.

Increase productivity

Removes power anxiety so everyone stays focused and productive anywhere.

Self service management

Make power shareable and accessible with minimal oversight in all your locations.

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Power as a service.

Fast deployment with minimal investment.

It is always painful to invest in large equipment. That’s why we have come out with a leasing option to reduce any repair and maintenance cost for businesses.

Low cost of acquisition

Overcome budget obstacle with a low monthly payment.

Full Access to the system

Access to the rental app and SmartCenter without additional cost.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance The warranty covers any manufacturing defect during the lease

Avoid technology obsolescence

Continuous upgrade to the latest battery and charging technology.



We make ultra reliable power solutions for professionals.

Power Control Architecture

Industry-first power bank with bidirectional and adjustable DC port that provides up to 24V with 0.1V increments. With built-in MPPS technology it can auto-detect the optimal input voltage for the most efficient charging and discharging.

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