Pairing Omnicharge with Cameras

Whether photography is a side hobby or a vocation, everyone who uses a camera (not just their iPhone) to take pictures has to consider their camera power supply. The right camera battery charger can make all the difference. Discover the power of pairing Omnicharge with cameras, based on recommendations from some of the top professionals who have chosen these portable battery packs to pair with their photography.

 A man working with a camera, laptop, and phone

Power Insurance for Photographers

No photographer wants to be caught without enough power for a shoot or have to be stuck to an outlet while editing or uploading photos. Professional photographer Gianna Keiko talks about how the Omni Ultimate gave her “the juice [she] needed for editing on long car rides,” saying “the Omni Ultimate is going to power your job no matter where you are.” A high-powered Omnicharge camera battery charger provides power insurance for photographers with a guaranteed camera power supply that lasts. Photography equipment is notoriously expensive, but you can trust the quality of Omnicharge devices to keep it all running safely and efficiently.

Cinematographer Sam Moskowitz talks about doing a lot of video work in remote locations, where the Omni 20+ ensures “reliable power no matter where you are.” The long life of the Omnicharge power source means that even in shoots in the most remote locations, a photographer’s camera (not to mention their phone and their laptop) can stay powered to get the job done — and still be good to go to help navigate back home, if necessary. As professional photographer Tiffany Alanoori said, a battery pack from Omnicharge is “the perfect power companion for digital nomads and professionals on the go.”

The Convenience of Charging All At Once

Omnicharge is unique as a camera battery charger in providing photographers an all-in-one convenient camera power supply. Alanoori explains, “You’re never going to miss the perfect shot if you have the Omni 20+,” since “this power bank can literally charge any device that you guys have, all at once,” including “power[ing] your camera while you’re using it.” What photographer wouldn’t want a camera that could charge while they’re doing a shoot?

The convenience that one Omnicharge can power all your devices all at once while using them compounds when considering space. With Omnicharge, you carry your camera, phone, and laptop with just one charger, with one cable maximum, rather than the tons of heavy gear, including chargers and batteries, that you would have to lug around otherwise as a photographer.

An assemblance of a professional camera and all the gear and supplies that go with it

Pair Your Photography with Omnicharge

Being a photographer isn’t easy, and it’s critical to have a reliable camera battery charger with a sufficient, convenient camera power supply. We have the perfect solution with all-in-one power solutions: our portable Omnicharge battery packs. Whether it’s the Omni Ultimate like Keiko or the Omni 20+ like Moskowitz and Alanoori, you’ll find the right battery pack to transform your business or hobby.

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