Tools for Working Remotely

Understanding the best technology for working remotely has never been so pertinent to daily American life as it became in 2020. Omnicharge is committed to offering the best-in-class power solutions, helping professionals everywhere to access consistent power with the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. Discover the possibilities for leveling up your remote work experience as you learn more about our remote work tools.

A man working outside on his laptop

Stay Powered Wherever You Go

Whether you’re working at home with the rest of the family or you’re wanting to stay connected on the go, Omnicharge has the best technology for working remotely no matter where you are. We even have the remote work tools you need to stay working and connected while on the road

Our battery packs are high-capacity, providing flexible power anywhere (including on a plane) and enough of it to stay connected for hours. Instead of experiencing low-battery anxiety, have the comfort of reliable power that lasts. And, with charge-through capacities, your Omnicharge can even power up other devices while it charges.

Devices Working Hand-in-Hand

Remote workstations often involve several devices, such as the one pictured above. At home, you may have a complicated system with extension cords and chargers galore, setting up a permanent workstation at a desk near an outlet. That kind of setup, however, is less conducive to a portable workstyle, like when professionals set up temporarily in cafes or in airports. And even at home with a fairly permanent setup, all the cords and plugs can get to be a hassle. 

Omnicharge offers complete solutions. Our portable battery packs are the ideal remote work tools since they are light and convenient. One charger and up to one cable are all you need to charge multiple devices at once, so your workstation can have devices working hand-in-hand rather than competing for power or outlet space. No more deciding whether it’s more important to charge your laptop or your phone; instead, your devices can be companions. Let your remote working equipment work for you!

A remote workstation with several devices

Choose Omnicharge to Make Remote Work Easier

Omnicharge is committed to providing the best remote working equipment. Join the world’s top professionals and make remote work easier by finding your remote work tools with Omnicharge.

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